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Help! My smartphone is wet - what should I do?

We all know that smartphone mobile phones are like most electrical devices…they’re not designed to get wet and are NOT resistant to water or any other liquid for that matter.

Unless of course you own a waterproof smartphone or one with a water resistant coating.

"Don't turn on the power if your smartphone gets wet!"

If liquid comes into contact with the electronic circuit board inside a smartphone, any metal components the circuit board touches will corrode.

This is bad news – resulting in short circuits on the circuit board – end result – no phone.

When a smartphone mobile phone is treated for liquid damage, the corroded parts are removed, therefore preventing the circuit board from further shortages.


Smartphones that are insured and sent in for repair within 24 – 48 hours of liquid damage often have a higher success rate of being repaired. Always ensure your smartphone insurance covers you for liquid damage!

So…what do you do after your phone comes into contact with liquid?


Turning on the power will damage the circuit board. If your smartphone is on make sure you switch it off immediately.

Do not be tempted to use even if it appears to be working.

Remove the battery, remove the SIM card and face if possible.

Wipe away any surface liquid with a clean, dry cloth or towel.

Contact your smartphone insurance policy provider, pack up your phone and send it in immediately for repair.

Remember – always ensure the smartphone mobile phone insurance policy you take out covers you for liquid / water damage for peace of mind.

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