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Protect your brand new smartphone with our top three tips

You’ve opened the box, marvelled at the packaging and to be honest, you can’t wait to get your new smartphone out of its wrapping. The moment you peel off the protective film layer that covers the screen is the moment you should have your smartphone insured.

We know…you haven’t done that yet but its not too late!

"Our top tip - keep your smartphone dry!"

So…top tip number one: purchase a case, a silicon sleeve, even a film screen protector – when its in the car, in your pocket, handbag or on the side, that little bit of extra protection will definitely help.

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Tip number two: we thought about putting this at number one but…well..its obvious really. Keep your new smartphone dry.

All phones hate water (unless of course you have one with a waterproof coating). Its common sense but if you have to take your smartphone in the bath (why?), on your row boat, speedboat, powerboat or millionaire yacht purchasing a waterproof cover might just help a little.

Oh…and if you do have a millionaire yacht then chances are…you’ll be buying a new smartphone…after all you can afford it!

Tip number three: consider getting an insurance policy that will cover the value of your smartphone. Insure it against, loss, theft and liquid damage.

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