Multi Gadget insurance

Protect Your Bubble

Insure multiple gadgets with Protect Your Bubble and save 10% when you cover 2 gadgets on the same policy.

Cover 3 gadgets on the same policy from only £14.99 per month.

Cover includes: accidental damage, cracking your screen, liquid damage, theft, loss (optional), breakdown, worldwide cover, digital secure (optional) and unauthorised calls.

Please note that an excess will apply to each policy. Excess will depend on the model of phone but ranges from £50 to £125.

The first and second gadget insured with Protect Your Bubble must be less than 6 months when the insurance is first purchased.

The third or additional gadget/s can be up to and including 36 months old.

Gadget Cover

Insure multiple gadgets with Gadget Cover and save 5% when you cover 2 or more gadgets on the same policy.

Cover includes: accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, loss (optional), breakdown, worldwide cover, family cover, unauthorised calls, unlimited claims, accessories, e-wallet cover, instant cover and free data backup.

Please note that an excess will apply to each policy. Excess will depend on the make and model of the gadget/s but ranges from £50 to £100.

Gadgets insured with Gadget Cover must be less than 18 months old when the inusrance is first purchased.

Save money on Multi Gadget insurance

The average person today own’s at least three gadgets if not more! From the latest smartphone and iPhone to an iPad, tablet PC or Macbook.

With the increase in the number of gadgets you own, comes the increased need to protect them with suitable gadget insurance. Multi gadget insurance can cover a multitude of different items all under one policy.

Gadgets covered can include some or all of the following depending upon the policy: smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Google tablet PC, laptop, iPod or mp3 player, camera, games console and e-readers.

Insure your gadgets

You may not be aware but insuring multiple gadgets at the same time, can save you up to 15% on the total cost. This therefore allows you to insure all of your households gadgets, giving you suitable protection.

If you’re looking to insure your gadgets for the first time, renew a policy or are even considering insuring future purchases, you will find the following comparison of interest.

If you like the provider, the policy details and above all, the level of cover is correct for the value and type of gadgets that you own, go ahead and purchase your multi gadget insurance. Payment can be made online, it’s safe, secure and within five minutes you could be covered! You’ll have successfully protected your gadgets by a reputable UK insurance provider via Insure My Smartphone.

Like all insurance policies, terms, conditions and exclusions apply, so refer to the terms and conditions for full details of what is and what is not covered. Before your claim can be approved, you must pay the stated excess fee.