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Do you own an Apple iPhone and is it insured?

If not, please read the following which you may find of interest and may possibly help you, should the worst happen.

We recently heard a story concerning the owner of an iPhone who found out the hard way, about the short length of his phone’s warranty, much to his annoyance.

"The Apple iPhone generally only comes with 12 months warranty as standard"

You may or may not be aware that unlike many other smartphones currently on the market the Apple iPhone generally only comes with 12 months warranty as standard, against any type of mechanical breakdown. Bearing in mind that the majority of mobile phone contracts nowadays last for at least 24 months, you can see where the obvious flaw lies.

Well having owned his iPhone 5s for around 8 months he was at work when his phone suddenly went dead. At first he thought it was the battery and so plugged it into the nearest charger. Much to his surprise he was greeted by the Apple logo which blinked on and off.

Scouring the internet he found a blog article on how to reboot an iPhone should such a problem occur. After a matter of moments the iTunes logo appeared stating he needed to connect his phone to the computer to reboot his phone. Brilliant he thought as he plugged it in, remembering that he’d luckily backed his phone up a few days prior.

Well there he sat waiting for the phone to reboot, unfortunately the phone flickered and then a red screen appeared. Reading on the internet that this could be a hardware problem he tried again to reboot his phone with no luck.


Never mind he thought, the phone is only 8 months old and i’ve still got 16 months left on the contract. After a short conversation with the Apple care team he was told to attend the local Apple Store. Once inside the store he was told that there was indeed a hardware issue with his phone and that he would be given a replacement.

Brilliant he though, however it was at this point that he was told that his phone was only just in warranty! “I’ve only had the phone for 8 months he exclaimed, what about the other 16 months” “Sorry” said the Apple store employee, iPhones only come with a 12 month warranty.

Unfortunately as most of us would presume, he now had a brand new shiny replacement iPhone and there would obviously be a new warranty to run alongside it. NO, that’s not the case, your warranty would still run out the date the old iPhone was 12 months old even though it was a new phone.

The Apple Store

The Apple store upgraded the warranty for a couple of extra months but as you can see, in this situation through no fault of his own if his iPhone were to go wrong again, he would not be under warranty and would therefore not receive a repair or replacement.

If you have an iPhone and 24 month mobile contract it is very important to consider insuring your smartphone. Smartphone insurance policies cover mobile phones in the event of mechanical breakdowns along with theft and also loss if required.

Should you fall into the trap of your phone breaking down after the 12 month warranty expires you could end up paying out a fair amount of money to have it replaced or repaired. As an example, to have an iPhone 6s dealt with by Apple on an out of warranty basis can cost anything up to £296.44 and a new iPhone 6s can be anything from around £449!

With such high costs to have a mechanical breakdown fixed, why would you not consider insuring your iPhone?

If you’d like to find out how much it would cost you to cover your iPhone against loss, damage, theft or mechanical breakdown, please take a look at our iPhone insurance page or visit Gadget Cover or Protect Your Bubble

Contact your smartphone insurance policy provider, pack up your phone and send it in immediately for repair.

Get a quote for Apple iPhone insurance with Insure My Smartphone and see how much you could save.