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There is one thing that the majority of smartphone and iPhone Insurance providers have in common but can you guess what it is?

It’s the age of the smartphone or iPhone that is covered under the policy.

At the moment the majority of smartphone and iPhone insurance providers stipulate that the phone covered, must be less than 12 months old when the insurance policy is taken out.

"Insuring an older mobile phone is easy to do!"

Luckily to save you a little time we’ve found several mobile phone insurance policies that will cover you if your phone is a little older.

Firstly Gadget Cover will cover your mobile phone or gadget if it is up to 18 months old and lastly Protect Your Bubble will cover your items if they are up to 12 months old for 1-3 multi gadget policy or up to 36 months old if you insure between 4 and 10 gadgets.

All of this comes at a similar price to other mobile phone insurance providers, currently operating in the UK insurance market.


If you’ve got a Google Android, Windows or BlackBerry smartphone or an iPhone thats more than 12 months old, that needs to be insured against theft, loss and damage why not take a look at what Gadget Cover or Protect Your Bubble can offer you.

Don’t forget to ensure that any policy you decide on meets all of your needs and requirements prior to purchase.