Gadget Cover

Gadget Cover are an award winning insurance company who have been specialising in Mobile phone insurance and gadget insurance since 1995.

With in excess of 20 years of gadget and mobile insurance experience behind them, it’s hardly surprising that over half a million people within the UK have insured with Gadget Cover since their launch.

There are a variety of different items that can be covered under Gadget Cover’s single or multiple insurance policies. These can include gadgets such as mobile phones, iPads and tablet pcs, MacBooks and other laptops, smart watches and Apple Watches, cameras, GoPros and a multitude of other items.

Gadget Cover were formed by a group of people who believed that comprehensive good quality insurance products did not have to be expensive. Gadget Cover have continued in their philosophy and now provide a multitude of insurance products all of which can offer a range of benefits including theft, damage, loss, cover and much much more.

Gadget Cover have a range of benefits which are not available with all other companies. These include:

• Instant cover – Your mobile phone or gadget can be covered immediately after the policy is bought.
• Free Cover – If you pay for your insurance policy annually, Gadget Cover will give you 1 months free cover as a bonus.
• Worldwide Cover – Up to 180 days worldwide cover, many companies offer considerably less.
• Unlimited Claims – Gadget Cover offer unlimited claims on their policies where many insurers limit claims to two per 12 month period.
• Unauthorised Use – Gadget Covers unauthorised usage cover gives you a whopping £2,500 worth of insurance cover for unauthorised usage. Many companies offer only £100.
• Accessories – You’ll get £150 worth of accessories cover should any be lost, stolen or damaged with your device.

To find out more about Gadget Cover or the insurance policies that they provide or how you can insure your smartphone or iPhone, please click the button below.